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Corporate Services:

Pre-employment checks

Very discreet check on potential and current employees. Includes Police check, court check, prison check, background report such as previous employment and reasons for leaving etc. Verification of education or certificates stated etc. Useful for senior staff or placement of persons in sensitive positions.

Employee Monitoring

Useful should you suspect staff of illegal or inappropriate behavior or activity that may have repercussions or reflect negatively on the organization.

Insurance Claim Verification

For the prevention of fraudulent claims by tricksters, be it employers or employees. Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

For the gathering osecurity-services.htmlf information that may benefit your organization in making major decisions on issues

Collection or Repossession

Self explanatory. Should the need arise for the recovery of property, this service is available.

Executive Protection

Special protection and escort for VIP visitors or executives. Includes Airport pickup and transfer as well as movements in and around the country. VIP is protected and looked after at all times.

Domestic/Personal Services: 

Missing persons

Self explanatory. Be it runaways or suspicion of foul play or mentally challenged. We will locate them.

Pre divorce/divorce

Should there be suspicions of marital infidelity or the need to know the movements and activities of one’s spouse, this service is available and very discreet. If needs be, evidence can be gathered for purposes of court cases.

Background checks

Should the need arise to know exactly who you are dealing with be it relationships or friendships. Gives peace of mind.


In the event you feel threatened or notice someone always “hanging around” where you are. Or getting strange messages or letters. Maybe the Police do not take the complaint seriously and you want something done. This can be sorted out.

Dead beat Dads/Moms

Should the need arise for locating or verifying the financial standing of an ex so that they can contribute to their child’s welfare.

Child Custody

To verify the accuracy of placement or removal of a child from threatening locations. Or in the event of suspicion of child abuse etc.

The above are some of the services we offer. We do any and all types of investigation and are very confidential. Please feel free to contact me at the numbers below.

Mobile: 501-610-5779 or 501-615-1504