The only way evil will triumph is for good men to do nothing  SIS Limited

About SIS Limited

Security & Intelligent Solutions Ltd was incorporated as a Company under Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize on the 27th August 2008. Our focus is on Private Investigations but security issues on a whole are dealt with.

The name is a pun. The first meaning is the obvious – security issues and solving them intelligently but also meaning intelligent solutions to crimes and other investigative matters. (If you don’t get it, then don’t worry bout it!! Just accept it!!)

With the crime on the rise in Belize City primarily, there is a desperate need for investigative work as the Police are always busy responding to the next crime rather than checking to see who or what caused the previous.

The hope of SIS Ltd is to assist the Police and society as much as possible in solving crimes and in any other security matters that may arise. We operate in the strictest of confidence and on a ‘need to know’ basis. Our operatives are given only the necessary information to successfully achieve the desired results in cases. We hope to bring to the public and by extension, the country of Belize, a very high standard of operation.

Before any case is taken, a very detailed analysis is done talking openly to the client. In some instances, there is no need for an investigation or covert activity as only from drawing from the experience that we have, situations are resolved. In these instances, there is no cost to the client. All consultations are free for individuals! After a detailed conversation, if at that time it is deemed necessary, then charges and conditions are agreed upon and action taken.

Some of the reasons to choose SIS Ltd

  • Our commitment to customer service
  • Cost - we represent excellent value
  • We begin by listening, we counsel with each client at no charge
  • We work with our client to analyze and evaluate the information they already have
  • We prepare our clients for what they are facing and the potential after effects of their desired results.
  • We focused entirely on our clients case working through the many scenarios that may develop

  • Our Motto “Investigation is our business!!”