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Pre-employment checks

When you hire someone, you may wish to carry out a number of discreet checks to see if they are suitable. However, it should be noted that some checks do require the consent of the individual

Background checks

This is important where a job is security-related. For a few financial services roles, these may also cover your financing history – do they owe people, what do their peers say about them. Do they have a gambling habit etc.

Health checks

Such a check requires the consent of the individual and may be provided by them. We can check the accuracy of said report.

You may request a health check if it's a legal requirement of the job (for example, having an eye test for a job as a driver) or if the person appears sickly or impaired in some way. You should be told about any health problems by the potential employee.

You may ask for a medical report, but you must have policies in place for keeping it secure.

Checking qualifications

If you need a person with particular qualifications, training or licenses for a job, you may ask for proof that they have them. These can then be verified by the investigator if there is suspicion that they may be fake or forged.

Criminal records checks

Some employers will want to check for a criminal record. These are questions normally asked for upon application but rarely answered truthfully if the answer is yes. They should disclose any convictions or arrests if the job is:

  • as an accountant or book keeper
  • in the police
  • working with children or vulnerable adults
  • relating to the administration of justice or financial regulation
  • any other sensitive posts

Withdrawing a job offer

An employer can withdraw a job offer even after you've accepted the person if any check has produced unsatisfactory results, so long as they were notified upon acceptance. This disclaimer is usually put at the bottom of the application form.