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Former City Engineer, Ricardo MagaƱa, found dead

The mysterious disappearance of Ricky Magana, a former City Engineer was explained this past weekend when his badly decomposed body was found off the Consejo Road in Corozal Town last Saturday, May 2.

Magana was reported missing a monh ago.

His body was found by private investigator, Marlon Skeen of Security and Intelligence Solutions Limited, a private investigation company located at the Omni Building on Coney Drive in Belize City.

The body was found near an icebox, less that 150 feet from where Magana’s van was found by police on Friday, April 17.

Police say they do not suspect foul play, and believe that Magaña took his own life.

An autopsy was unable to determine exact cause of death, but there were no signs of violence on the body, police say.

Family members however say they believe that Magaña was murdered. They are not convinced he took his own life.

“We did not know him to be a person who would take his own life. He had a strong mind,” his mother said.

Magana was reported missing from his home in Corozal Town on Sunday, April 5 after a heated argument with his wife.

Family members say he left home in his mini van wearing a pair of sandals and short pants.

He and his wife had gotten into an argument after he refused to accompany her to church that Sunday, reports say.

Corozal police began searching for him 48 hours later, but it was not until 12 days later that they found his van intact and the keys on the driver’s seat in an area frequent by hunters. Skeen told the Reporter he was hired by the family on Tuesday, April 29 to search for him.

He said the first thing he did was to interview close family members and friends.

Less than an hour after arriving in Corozal on Saturday, May 2, Skeen and his team came across the body.

He said he decided to begin his search where the police left off, where the van was found.

Skeen said he was convinced that the area would have shed some light on Magaña’s disappearance.

Magana was buried on Sunday, May 3 at the Lord’s Ridge Cemetery in Belize City.

By Albert Ciego - Staff Reporter

Source: The Reporter