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Cheating Check List

Is My Partner Cheating Or Am I Just Being Paranoid? It is estimated that between 80-90% of men admit that they would cheat if they thought their partner wouldn't find out.

60-70% of women admit the same.

Statistics say that 85% of women who feel their lover is cheating are correct and 50% of men who feel their lover is cheating are correct.  

This checklist was developed to assist you if you have suspicions. Answer the following list of questions by ticking off the yes or the no. Be as impartial as possible and work your way down the list rather than jumping around.

Cheating Checklist

  1. Do you have a computer with internet at home? Does your partner spend a lot of time online? Or goes online when he thinks you are not around or maybe sleeping?
  2. Has your partner recently started working late or has to attend a lot of late meetings? Spends more time away from home than usual?
  3. Maybe have trips that mean they have to spend overnight away from home?
  4. Does a lot of overtime but it is not shown when they get paid.
  5. Has your partner’s sexual habits changed? Less sex now?
  6. A sudden interest in trying new things or unusual requests?
  7. Has your partner changed their appearance clothes, hairstyle etc?
  8. Do they act nervous/fidgety when a certain person is mentioned or talked about? 
  9. Is your partner always broke and cannot explain where the money went when you know that they should have some money?
  10. Or vice versa, suddenly has to keep amounts of cash on hand?
  11. In the car, are there things there that should not be there and vice versa?
  12. Do your partner’s clothes smell differently than normal?
  13. Have unexplained stains on them?
  14. Is your partner’s phone out of bounds to you?
  15. Do they take calls out of your earshot or don’t answer the phone when you are around?
  16. Suddenly have an excess of phone cards?
  17. Have suspicious cell numbers stored or deletes call log and messages?
  18. When you call your partner. They do not answer the phone or there is a delay in calling you back?
  19. Your partner is out and cannot account for his/her time?
  20. Suddenly takes up new functions outside work? A new hobby/interest that does not include you?
  21. Difference in treatment towards you – picking fights, coldness.
  22. Difference in general behavior – often daydreaming or distracted?
  23. Is suddenly “unavailable” while at work?
  24. Suggest that you spend more time separately or want to spend more time with the ‘boys’ or want to spend more time alone, need more freedom?
  25. Your friends and associates mention seeing your partner out with someone else.
  26. Sudden privacy issues, starts being secretive.
  27. Have unexplained articles that someone ‘just’ gave him.
  28. Spouse gets hostile or resentful if you ask them were they were.
  29. Partner’s co-workers seem uncomfortable in your presence.
  30. Partner begins listening to a new type of music, changing certain preferences such as drinking etc.
  31. You find condoms or birth control pills and they are not used in your relationship.
  32. Partner use to talk a bout a certain co-worker then abruptly stops mentioning them altogether or mentions that the person is going through separation or that their spouse is mistreating them etc.


If your answer is yes to:

1. More than ten (10), there is a possibility that something may be happening or on the verge of happening.
2. More than fifteen (15,) there is a strong possibility that something is occurring.
3. More than twenty (20), there is definitely something happening.

The next step is up to you!!